Google Home: Multiple Accounts Feature Coming Soon

Google Assistant shopping lists moving from Keep to Home app starting April 10

Google Assistant Shopping List Will No Longer Be Saved in Keep Starting April 10

According to the guys over at Ausdroid, multiple user support is on its way to Google Home, you can see what Google has to say below.

Google is trying to make Express more useful by adding an ordering and delivery feature, so it's adding Keep shopping lists to facilitate integration and make the whole shopping experience easier across Google apps. The move comes at a time where basically all of your lists live inside Google Keep.

This function could unlock the real potential of the tech giant's smart hub, which lacks numerous capabilities of Google Assistant precisely because it cannot discern between different users. More than 50 retail partners are already on board and more will join the fray, likely aiming to rival Amazon.

Google added this functionality earlier this year, with more than 50 Google Express retail partners, including Costco, Staples, Walgreens, and of course, the Google Store.

One of the annoying things about most smart speakers is that they primarily work with a single account. Last month, an APK teardown has added a new feature where you would be able to access alarms and timers set on Google Home. Multiple users could have access to the device that is placed in the home. The code also had references to a device being able to recognise your voice.

The alternative would be to adopt a strategy similar to that of Amazon. So it looks like the multiple user issue and the Google services issue could be connected, albeit tenuously.

The main reasons for the lack of interactivity at the moment are security and privacy, with Google not wanting to leave accounts vulnerable to abuse via the Google Home. Should we hear back, we will update this article or create a new one.

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