Apple likely to shaft Dialog Semiconductor

Apple may ditch Dialog chip, analyst says; chipmaker's shares plunge

Bank, tech stocks pull European shares down

European shares fell on Tuesday as banks and tech stocks weighed, led lower by a slump in Dialog Semiconductor's shares, though energy stocks provided support.

There is solid confirmation that Apple is building up its own power management incorporated circuits and plans to supplant the chip made by Dialog at any rate to a limited extent.

There has been a steady flow of engineers from Dialog to Apple over the past year, according to a person familiar with the situation who wasn't authorized to speak on the topic. "They are poaching like insane", the person said. The supplier was reliant on Apple for more than half of its revenue, and the decision saw its stock drop by more than 75% as analysts questioned whether the business was could remain viable without Apple's business. If Apple wants to use those screens in upcoming phones, it may seek to reduce its reliance on rival Samsung and make its own technology, Vinh wrote.

Credit Suisse's prediction comes after Imagination Technologies, another Apple supplier, announced in early April that Apple was insourcing design of the graphics processing chips it had previously licensed from Imagination.

Apple has already decided that it's going to design its graphics chips on its own and the company might take a similar step for its power management chip. Dialog replaces numerous discrete power administration spares with one exceedingly incorporated gadget, empowering our users to create lighter and thinner convenient applications with higher power effectiveness bringing about longer battery life.

Suppliers of Apple have been hit recently. Morgan Stanley believes Dialog entered into a partnership with Apple to design a wireless charging system.

In 2014, merger talks between Dialog and Austrian sensor chip maker Ams AG fell apart after they failed to come to terms. Apple might use the inductive charger for the iPhone as it did for the Apple Watch.

The company will, according to the report (via Reuters), look to replace power management chips which are now supplied by Dialog Semiconductor. When ARM was acquired a year ago by Japanese company SoftBank, industry observers started to wonder whether the move might affect the independence upon which it had built its success.

The company's stock sank 36 percent at the start of trading.

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