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The sculptor that erected Wall Street's Charging Bull statue is complaining about New York City's decision to allow a nearby statue to remain in place.

The Associated Press reports the sculptor will have a Wednesday, April 12 news conference to explain what he's challenging officials on.

Di Modica's attorney said the artist is demanding that the city release documents showing the procedures followed to install the new figure in Bowling Green Park.

She said images of "Fearless Girl" did not go viral online because people wanted to promote an investment company, "but because she represents a refreshing, inclusive, 21st-century vision of core American values like courage and righteous defiance".

Mr Di Modica's statute was installed in 1987, without any city permits.

"Fearless Girl" is meant to stay on Wall Street until February 2018.

Authorities initially removed the unauthorized work but later reinstalled it following public clamor for it to remain in the financial district.

Di Modica has been vocal about his distaste for the new statue, calling it a corporate advertising stunt.

The Wall Street bull has company.

A plaque originally placed at the girl's feet read: "Know the power of women in leadership". She was met with instant and almost unanimous acclaim, before some critics questioned why a company with just 5 women on their 28-person board was calling for greater gender equality from other Wall Street companies while also advertising one of its funds.

Contrasted with the soft, altruistic characteristics of the bronze girl, though, "Charging Bull" now appears menacing and aggressive. In response to petitions with tens of thousands of signatures for the statue to stay longer, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city permit was extended for almost one year. There are copyright and trademark infringement issues'.

In the month and change since the "Fearless Girl" statue was installed on Broadway by one of the world's largest asset managers, it's become a symbol of empowerment for some, and of capitalism co-opting social justice movements for others.

A spokeswoman for State Street Global Advisors did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Patch.

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