Reps 'considering inviting' Jonathan over Malabu oil deal

Allegations connect Shell Rex Tillerson Eni Nigeria top politicians in opl 245 scandal says Global Witness

Allegations connect Shell Rex Tillerson Eni Nigeria top politicians in opl 245 scandal says Global Witness

The statement reads: "The House of Representatives, by a Resolution taken at Plenary set up and mandated this Committee to, inter alia, conduct a thorough examination of the process and circumstances surrounding OPL 245 and identify culpability of any persons, groups or organizations".

The statement said: "The allegations that former President Goodluck Jonathan received $200 million as proceeds from the Malabu Oil deal which were published on a gossip news site, Buzzfeed, and republished by a few other newspapers, is false in its entirety, and is one more in the series of fake news sponsored by those threatened by Dr. Jonathan's continuously rising profile in the global community".

Meanwhile, former President Jonathan has described his indictment as the handiwork of persons after his worldwide reputation and seeking his downfall.

The committee believes that former president Jonathan may well be in a position to assist it with its inquiries.

But a recent report released by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has shown that despite denial by Jonathan, he may have received $200m as kickbacks in the deal.

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The committee also urged anti-graft agencies to arrest and prosecute Mr Abubakar Alleel, who was said to have acted as a conduit through which the money was disbursed; SHELL/ ENI/NAE for their role in the "fraud" particularly as they were already facing investigations on the issue overseas; and Mr Olusegun Aganga, former Trade Investment Minister.

Cross section of members of the Nigerian House of Representatives.

"I said that if it's true, that he paid, he had to pay 400 million, I assume that at least 200 went to Goodluck (Jonathan)".

Oil companies, Shell and ENI claimed to have paid the Federal Government $1.3bn for oil bloc OPL 245, one of the most lucrative in the country. Malabu appealed that decision, and the status of the licence was uncertain at the time that Shell finalised its deal with the Nigerian government in 2011.

Most of the $1.1 billion ended up in private accounts with about $801 million directly going into the account of Dan Etete, a former petroleum minister who was convicted for money laundering in France. Shell, ENI and others named in the intercontinental scandal have all denied wrongdoing. "The Committee intends to be meticulous, thorough and comprehensive in its inquiry so as to bring about finality to this seemingly intractable matter", the statement reads in full.

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