Lawyer: Dragged passenger 'poster child' for airline abuses

Lawyer: Dragged passenger lost 2 teeth and broke his nose

United Airlines New Motto: Feeling like bitten by a Scorpion? Fly United

As previously reported, Dr. David Dao was physically removed from his seat by security when he refused to leave.

Richard Bell told CBC News that he was eating lunch on a flight from Houston to Calgary, Alberta, on Sunday when he felt something fall into his hair from above. After what happened, Dao "has no interest in ever seeing an airplane" and will probably be driven to Kentucky, Demetrio said.

After the video of David Dao getting dragged off a United Airlines flight went viral, travelers across the United States were outraged and confused.

It also exposed a corporate culture in which airlines - and United in particular - have long "bullied" passengers, he said.

Demetrio said the legal team was taking its time to prepare a case but was not yet ready to sue.

This update has been corrected to show that the United vice president is John Slater, not Jeff Slater.

Cellphone footage of the confrontation "really has put it at risk, " Alderman Chris Taliaferro said Wednesday, a day before aldermen were scheduled to grill United and the Chicago Aviation Department about Sunday's incident.

A suggestion to the airline would be to review the company's method of efficiently booking seating, protocol on how employees are allowed to deny passengers boarding and how to properly treat customers.

The statement did not quell criticism of United, especially since its apologies came days after the incident - and after initial statements appeared to at least in part blame Dao.

Chicago's City Council Aviation committee called the meeting, because it employs the three security guards who wrestled and dragged Dao off the United flight.

A man dragged screaming off a United Airlines flight described his ordeal as more horrifying than his experiences in the Vietnam War. VIDEO: Man's lip busted while dragged off overbooked United flight It attracted global attention earlier this week when crew members called law enforcement to remove a ticketed passenger from the aircraft to make room for United employees.

"He was a paying passenger, sitting on our seat in our aircraft and no one should be treated that way period", Munoz said.

Attorney Tom Demetrio says the incident left Dao with a concussion, missing teeth and a broken nose that will need reconstructive surgery. He's a 69-year-old man.

"My dad is healing right now", said Crystal Dao Pepper, 33, one of Dao's five children.

Paul Callan, a civil and criminal trial lawyer in NY, said Dao has at least two potential claims against the airline: a personal injury claim for assault and battery, which could also target the police; and a contract claim.

Dao's lawyers already have taken steps toward filing a lawsuit.

"United, if they're smart, will quickly and quietly settle the case", said Justin Green, a partner at the law firm Kreindler & Kreindler in NY who represents airline passengers.

They're also seeking cockpit voice recordings, incident reports and other materials.

It is a shocking video seen around the world.

Pepper said her father and mother were travelling from California to Louisville, and caught a connecting flight at O'Hare.

At the top of their list of questions is whether the airport officers had the authority to board the plane.

The department's roughly 300 officers guard the city's two main airports but are not part of the regular Chicago police force, receive less training and can not carry guns inside the terminals.

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