Zoo Says Pregnancy Is Real And Not A Hoax

April the pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park

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"Well Giraffe Fans, here we are approaching another weekend without a giraffe calf..." Still. After a month of watching.

In previous Facebook posts, keepers chronicled significant developments that led them to believe the birth was nearing.

With all the waiting around, viewers were left to peruse April's website, her GoFundMe page, the giraffe's apparel line, her Twitter feed and Facebook page for updates. The Facebook report described April as looking to be in a good mood and what is for her a "standard appetite". April's vet says he's not concerned by the fact that April has not yet given birth, and she will simply have her baby when she is ready.

On Monday morning, the park issued another update, which told viewers to watch for behavioral changes and noted the keepers are now waiting for "increased pacing" from April.

Animal Adventure Park normally posted comments at 9 a.m. EDT, but was late Friday. On Wednesday, the keepers of April the giraffe, who has been followed by live cameras since February 22, announced what might seem obvious: No, the giraffe's pregnancy is not a hoax.

The early signs of labor have to be detected as soon as possible, so that preparations can be made as quickly as possible - the team that will supervise the birth will need to secure April the giraffe before she goes into active labor.

Father-to-be Oliver, 3, has been keeping a close eye on his 15-year-old baby mama. Equipment needed to attend to the calf is also very much needed, since even a newborn giraffe calf is expected to weigh about 150 pounds. Oliver, however, will not assist in raising the calf.

In an effort to possibly bring about labor, Animal Adventure Park has shifted the giraffes' bedtime to follow the "natural light cycle" of dawn and dusk.

So because of fears of inbreeding, the calf will be relocated to another facility once the weaning process is over.

When April's fourth calf is born, the park says that animal enthusiasts will be able to grab the opportunity to name the baby.

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