April the giraffe has given birth

April the Giraffe might have one more pregnancy after she gives birth live online

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We spent 1,536 hours waiting for hooves.

As zookeepers and the world's leading animal experts have repeatedly said in recent days, April's pregnancy is not just science - it's a form of art.

Patience is a virtue! There are three videos and you can watch them in reverse order or from oldest to newest.

Throughout the process, April has given off multiple false alarms that she was ready to give birth. Make sure to keep up with this live stream: Once the calf is born, Animal Adventure will have a contest to name the calf!

That's because zoologists have told various media outlets that the only way to tell a giraffe is about to give birth is when you see hooves.

April has been spending some time in the sun lately. After all, she is the star of the moment.

In previous Facebook posts, keepers chronicled significant developments that led them to believe the birth was nearing. In natural habitats, a giraffes' life span is about 15 years. However when in human care that can extend to 20-27 years old.

How long has April been with Animal Adventure Park?

This will be April's fourth calf and the first for the father, Oliver.

April's webcam became so popular that it was targeted by pranksters on YouTube who reported it as sexually explicit and temporarily shut it down. Her belly was noticeably more swollen and fans were able to see the calf pushing on the walls of her stomach. He or she likely weighs around 150lb and will stand at 6' tall. Giraffe calves slide out of their standing mothers and fall several feet to the ground, but this was expected, and the calf was uninjured as well as on its wobbly legs within an hour or so.

One sign of active labor is when the giraffe's water breaks. Her fans have always been watching the zoo's live stream since February, eagerly awaiting the moment she'll give birth to her fourth calf.

Is the calf a boy or girl? .

A zoo spokesperson says the delivery could take all day Saturday.

When is April actually due? Since then, the Toys R Us logo has been synonymous with April and Oliver's live feed. No one go suggesting Giraffey McGiraffe Face, now. Mating, fighting and eating.

April continues doing great with a light appetite. April's fans could not contain their excitement as they kicked off their Saturday glued to their screens to get a better look at the pregnant giraffe and her calf.

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