April the Giraffe in NY Has Calf Before 1.2 Million Online

April the pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park

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April went into labor this morning and after a couple of hours, she gave birth to what appears to be a healthy young calf.

This will be April's 5-year-old baby daddy Oliver's first calf.

While the baby is April's fourth calf, it's the first baby giraffe for Adventure park. Since then, five other zoos in the USA have welcomed giraffe calves into the world.

The stream of April hanging out in her pen has grabbed the attention of many on the internet, with several people anxiously awaiting the new baby's arrival.

"He does not want to play house - he wants to rough house", Animal Adventure Park wrote in Facebook post, according to QNBC.

Giraffes typically give birth standing up, which means the newborn calf started out its life with with a six-foot drop to the ground, according toAnimal Planet. The YouTube video is four hours long and is set to fast forward and begins playing once active labor and calf's hooves are seen.

An exotica animal park saw a mass escape of more than 170 rhesus monkeys in 1935 on Long Island, New York.

At 9:55 am EST, the baby calf arrived. This will be his first calf. "The fact that you'll get to witness the miracle of birth from an animal that you really don't get to see give birth - that's neat". "At no time did he pose and serious threat to April of her calf...her laying down puts more force on the womb/calf, than light head bumps from Oliver". Some people even thought that the whole thing was a clever April Fools' Day joke. Otherwise, he could be a danger to April and her calf by either fighting her, attempting to mate with her or eating her food.

The livestream became the subject of more controversy as the zoo began to more actively monetize the pregnancy.

Jordan Patch, owner of the Animal Adventure Park, says the natural curiosity surrounding giraffes and their birthing process has been a huge factor in drawing crowds.

Animal Adventure park is now closed to the public and will open in mid-May.

The giraffes have some of the biggest pens in the nation (square foot per animal).

Animal Adventure Park in NY announced Saturday morning that April was in active labor.

The new born baby is already around 6 foot tall and is expected to weigh about 150lbs (68.04kg) The Guardian reports.

Officials at the zoo in southern NY fought to show the birth live after briefly getting shut down for being "sexually explicit".

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