Health officials cite 5 new measles cases in Hennepin County

Steve Carmody  Michigan Radio

Steve Carmody Michigan Radio

Now health officials tell 7 Action News warnings issued today about two Ann Arbor restaurants are related to those cases.

The includes Mark's Midtown Coney Island at 3586 Plymouth Road and Benny's Family Dining at 1952 S. Industrial Highway.

State health officials have confirmed a second case of measles in MI, and local officials are warning the public that people may have been exposed to the disease at two Ann Arbor restaurants recently.

On September 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Americas as the first region in the world to be measles-free, so the new outbreak is believed to be linked to foreign travel.

Anyone at either of the following locations during the dates and times provided should monitor themselves for rash with fever or other symptoms consistent with measles for 21 days.

The department says that in 1963, before the vaccine, the United States at 4 million cases a year, which killed 450-500 people. This is not a matter of food safety or restaurant sanitation; the individual with measles was a customer at these restaurants while contagious.

Individuals may be contagious for a few days before they present with symptoms, which increases the potential of exposing others to the infection.

"In this situation, the individual reported eating at these two establishments just prior to becoming ill".

Measles is highly contagious and spreads easily by coughs, sneezes or close contact. Pichineru said they're monitoring the situation.

MI had one case of measles a year ago. The vast majority of people who get measles have not been vaccinated against it. Having only one dose of MMR vaccine is approximately 93 percent protective. "The first dose is routinely given to children after their first birthday". The MDHHS says that the best line of defense against measles is vaccination. "Individuals born before 1957 are assumed to have natural immunity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention".

Ehlinger added that the Minnesota Department of Health is partnering up with the Somali community leaders and health care providers to counteract misinformation regarding the outbreak. Officials say measles can result in pneumonia, brain inflammation, hospitalization and death. Measles can also cause miscarriages or premature delivery in pregnant women. Tiny white spots may appear in the mouth. A rash follows, spreading from head to to the rest of the body. In 2014, 667 measles cases were reported in the country, which is highest since 2000.

However, measles cases have been rising as childhood vaccination rates have dipped. "Measles can spread when it reaches a community in the US where groups of people are unvaccinated".

The department has more information about measles at its website.

The two are not related.

The United States has made tremendous progress against measles.

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