Iran, Russia, Hezbollah: US aggression in Syria crosses 'red lines'

US vows to keep up pressure on Syria after missile strikes

Iran, Russia, Hezbollah: US aggression in Syria crosses 'red lines'

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Russia's inaction played a part in fuelling a deadly gas attack on Syrian civilians.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the USA strike should be the start of a renewed effort to end the civil war, which has killed an estimated 400,000 people and displaced half of Syria's population. The foreign secretary would also be speaking to Mr Tillerson again, ahead of the US Secretary of State's visit to Moscow to agree a joint position on Syria. The strike was in response to the alleged chemical attack in Idlib Province, where dozens of civilians reportedly died from suspected gas poisoning.

The former ExxonMobil chief executive noted that holding such talks would require the participation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime along with its allies.

"A very small percentage of the people who have been slaughtered in Syria have been slaughtered by chemical weapons", McCain said.

"We are prepared to do more", McMaster said on "Fox News Sunday". "Those who think that by supporting terrorists, they can change Syria's future in their interest, are absolutely wrong", Rouhani said.

His comments also come ahead of his trip next week to Assad-ally Russia, where he'll meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and perhaps President Vladimir Putin. When 59 missiles Tomahawk were launched towards Shayrat airport, this was the first direct attack by the |United States on Bashar Al-Assad regime since the beginning of the revolution six years ago.

U.K. Defense Secretary of State Michael Fallon has claimed Saturday, writing in the Sunday Times that Russian Federation is responsible for the "barbaric chemical gas attack" in Syria Tuesday that claimed the lives of nearly 100 people and left 300 wounded.

McMaster continued, insinuating that he believed Russian Federation had to be knowledgeable of Syria's plan to launch a chemical attack.

Russian Federation has warned that the USA missile strikes could have serious consequences for the region.

He said allegations that Assad's regime was behind a chemical weapons attack were "baseless" and suggested it was carried out by rebel groups to influence global public opinion.

"If this intervention is limited only to an air base, if it does not continue and if we don't remove the regime from heading Syria, then this would remain a cosmetic intervention", he said. Assad accused the US of trying to boost the morale of "terror groups" in Syria.

On Thursday night, the USA forces fired 59 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM) on a Syrian military air base located in the Homs Governorate.

The US is not Switzerland to act impartially towards global conflicts and 50 Tomahawk missiles alone will not trigger a huge change.

Pressed by host Chris Wallace pointed explain Tillerson's statements that destroying ISIS is the USA priority, McMaster responded: "That's exactly what we're saying".

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