Liberals blast NDP promise of yearly $400 rent rebate in BC

John and Ellie Horgan

Ellie and B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan have been married for 33 years

Promises $30M a yr for K-12 classroom supplies. Starting this year, the NDP would also increase all income assistance rates by $100 a month, and increase the earnings exemption by $200 a month.

However, Clark said Horgan's proposal shows the New Democrats are "flying by the seat of their pants" and lack a clear plan.

Further savings would be achieved by "cleaning up BC Liberal waste and growing the economy", the NDP fiscal plan states. I'm committed to that, I'm committed to living within our means. "That funding, overnight, appears to have been significantly reduced or completely eliminated and, unless the provincial parties are prepared to pay the entire cost of that bridge, I don't see how we're going to be able to move forward with that project". "We're going to take that $500-million and put it to work for British Columbians".

"When you've got more people out of their cars travelling on transit systems, New Westminster wins", she said. Both Horgan and Robertson call for a budget increase for the province's Residential Tenancy Office, which they say has been cut by the B.C. Liberals to the point where access for renters is too hard.

He noted with current homeowner grants, the higher value of the home, the less the grant takes effect.

Other highlights include promises to freeze hydro rates, establish $10-per-day childcare, provide a $400 rental credit, raise minimum wage rates to $15, trim ICBC rates and eliminate MSP payments within four years.

How will Horgan pay for this?

"It's fully costed", NDP Leader John Horgan told supporters Thursday as he released his party's platform at a restaurant in Coquitlam.

But that $7-billion will be debt; so how will it impact the books?

The New Democrats claim the fund was created first with revenues from a medical service plan hike in 2016 and then topped up with revenues from the property transfer tax.

Meanwhile, the Liberals' Mike De Jong is accusing the NDP of planning "pledging a massive increase in spending".

He says it would cost $4-billion per year if brought in, and again raising the spectre of B.C. losing its AAA credit rating.

De Jong says the NDP's plan "is not possible" unless one of two things happen: "an operating deficit, or massive tax increases", adding it's not sustainable and can not co-exist with a balanced budget.

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