Trump security adviser urges Russian Federation to rethink Syria support

This satellite image released by the US Department of Defense shows a damage assessment image of Shayrat air base in Syria

This satellite image released by the US Department of Defense shows a damage assessment image of Shayrat air base in Syria

President Trump last week ordered the missile strike on the Shayrat air base in Syria after a chemical weapons attack in Idlib allegedly carried out by Assad's regime.

Damascus and Moscow denied Syrian forces were behind the gas attack but Western countries dismissed their explanation that chemicals leaked from a rebel weapons depot after an air strike.

The Syrian government called the strikes "foolish and irresponsible", while Russian Federation accused the U.S. of "an act of aggression against a sovereign state delivered in violation of global law under a far-fetched pretext".

The Kremlin says it will suspend the "deconfliction channel", which is meant to prevent unintentional conflicts with the Syria, and the strike prompted the U.N. Security Council to convene an emergency meeting Friday.

A number of other worldwide leaders also have responded to the US show of force.

He attributed the chemical attack in Syria "in large measure" to a "failure on Russia's part to achieve its commitment to the worldwide community".

"In Syria, chemical weapons have once again taken the lives of many innocent people".

Speaking on CBS's Face The Nation, Mr Tillerson said there was no evidence to suggest Russian Federation was part of the alleged chemical attack.

In his first televised interview, H.R. McMaster pointed to dual USA goals of defeating the Islamic State group and removing Assad.

The army chiefs of Russian Federation and Iran have vowed to continue the fight against "terrorists" and their supporters in Syria days after the US Navy launched a barrage of cruise missiles against a Syrian goverment airbase. But Haley reiterated her statements about further actions in Syria in her interview with Tapper.

He said: "Is this what taking back control looks like?"

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will not leave the the face of threats", Khamenei warned.

While Johnson is no longer travelling to Russia, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be visiting the country later this week - leading Lib Dem leader Tim Farron to suggest it was America who demanded the UK's diplomatic trip be scrapped. "We understand that the latest action taken by the United States was a measure meant to prevent the further worsening of the situation".

Sen. John McCain on Sunday lobbed part of the blame for Syria having used chemical weapons against its own citizens at President Trump and his administration.

"The nation of Iran will remain alongside the Syrian nation in fighting terrorism and safeguarding Syria's territorial integrity", he added.

Lavrov said he supported a "thorough and impartial" investigation.

Russia's foreign ministry earlier condemned Johnson's decision not to come to Moscow, saying it showed that Britain had "no real influence on the course of global affairs".

He continued: "That's not a position any Foreign Secretary would want to be in".

The British have "no real influence on the course of global affairs, remaining "in the shadow" of their strategic partners", it added.

Johnson earlier said that instead of traveling to Moscow, he would now be going to Italy for a Group of Seven (G7) meeting on April 10-11 to build coordinated worldwide support for a cease-fire in Syria.

My priority is now to continue contact with the United States and others in the run up to the G7 meeting on 10-11 April - to build coordinated global support for a ceasefire on the ground and an intensified political process.

And British Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has accused Moscow of being responsible "in proxy" for the civilian deaths in the attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun.

Referring to Russia, Fallon wrote: "Must show the resolve necessary to bring this regime to heel".

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