A frustrated Kristaps Porzingis reportedly skipped exit meetings with Knicks

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

- Jackson clashed with former head coach Derek Fisher not only about the offense, but how best to incorporate Kristaps into it.

Jackson was asked Friday whether any personnel move, including those involving a trade of Porzingis, is "off the table" this offseason.

That may have been a preview of how Porzingis was feeling.

All of this dysfunction led Porzingis - the one promising thing the Knicks have going for them from Jackson's reign of error - to skip his exit meetings today, a development first reported by ESPN and confirmed by The Washington Post. In fact, the unhappiness around the team may be widespread.

This was a tour de force from Jackson, the 11-time National Basketball Association champion head coach and two-time champion as a player who has become a nonstop clown show in his three years running the Knicks. Wojnarowski reports that Porzingis is also returning to Latvia this summer and may not return to NY until closer to training camp.

The team started the season running an offense that de-emphasized triangle sets but the club began to run triangle sets more frequently after the All-Star break.

Jackson didn't go out of his way to praise Hornacek, who guided the Knicks to a 31-51 mark after being forced to run the triangle even though he never coached it.

After the Knicks final game on Wednesday, he said he would be "open" to being traded. Anthony holds a no-trade clause that allows him to approve or disapprove any trade in which he's involved. While Melo said earlier this week that he would "love" to play in NY next season, Jackson doesn't seem so ready to accept him back.

Anthony is an NBPA vice president. Jackson said Anthony did not express a willingness to leave the Knicks, but Jackson made it clear he thought Anthony should consider accepting a trade to a team on the cusp of winning the title.

"If players under contract can not, under threat of league discipline, speak openly about their desire to be employed elsewhere, we expect management to adhere to the same standards", she said.

"The door swings both ways when it comes to demonstrating loyalty and respect", Roberts said.

The Knicks are Jackson's team, for better or worse. According to The Vertical, players are privately fuming that they want no part of the organization's summer slate of triangle offense regimen at the team's suburban NY practice facility.

Jackson and Anthony's feud will be settled one way or another.

As noted by Newsday, Porzingis has played for three coaches and lost 101 games in his two years with the Knicks.

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