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The Los Angeles Dodgers unveiled a new statue of Jackie Robinson outside of Dodgers Stadium on Saturday afternoon. That's my number!' " Maybin said. On Saturday, the Dodgers revealed it, on the 70th anniversary of Robinson making his Major League Baseball debut.

The Dodgers will erect a bronze statue of baseball legend Jackie Robinson on Jackie Robinson Day 2017.

Jackie Robinson Day certainly won't heal America's divisions-or even baseball's divisions. "But he's somebody we in the African-American community celebrate every day". The world is a huge place with so many different people, and Jackie helped bring many of them together to enjoy this game we all love together.

"I was born in '49, but it had to be '50-something, watching the Dodgers, listening to my dad - the old movie, "The Jackie Robinson Story", you know, with Ruby Dee, in black and white, and that's what I probably first remember".

And for that reason, Major League Baseball's annual Jackie Robinson Day, tacky as it may seem at times, has profound value. The first statue in Dodger Stadium history belongs.

The sculptor, Branly Cadet, is African American. "Similarly, those qualities are required in anyone trying to break the color barrier".

Tomorrow's statue will be revealed in the left field reserve plaza.

Robinson's widow, Rachel Robinson, also attended as did his children Sharon and David along with team president Stan Kasten and Johnson. An estimated 200 people are on the family's guest list.

"It captures dad's fierce compassion and determination", said Sharon Robinson of the statue. They pointed out the signs, and where he "belonged", and in stunned silence he walked in the "correct" direction; until he died, I don't think he ever got past the shock of that experience.

It was reported on Friday that the Dodgers were revealing a statue of Robinson just outside the stadium in honor of Jackie Robinson Day.

Just for the sake of comparison, Staples Center, which opened in 1999, last month welcomed its eighth statue, a dunking Shaquille O'Neal.

"Jackie had made us interested in baseball".

Jackie has had an impact on my life.

Cadet's work is so impressive that this statue actually speaks. "Stealing home is one of the hardest things to do in baseball, so the act of stealing home, I thought was a good metaphor".

On Saturday, Robinson's impact will be celebrated throughout baseball, from special lineup cards to jeweled bases to some players wearing commemorative cleats. In fact, Robinson has been rewritten as an apolitical hero we can all rally around (ignoring more complicated aspects of his ideology), so praising him is the opposite of a radical position.

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