Cheaper Microsoft Surface Book 2 May Debut at May 2 Microsoft Event

Windows 10 Cloud is a version of Windows 10 that is lightweight and a little restrictive, but it's flawless in terms of cost because Microsoft intends to license it to device manufacturers at a much lower price than a full Windows 10 OEM license.

If you have more than one Windows 10 device, Cortana can help you pick up where you left off, displaying quick links in the Action Centre to get you back up to speed. Even Apple locked horns against Microsoft's Surface range line when it launched the iPad Pro. As for its software, it operates on the mobile version of Windows 10. This has led to another rumor that Microsoft might hold a second event in May to unveil the new Surface Book 2. A counterpart to Chromebook, the device now carries a rumoured moniker CloudBook would run Windows 10 Cloud which according to a patent would be able to sync user apps and files across devices. For instance, machines running Windows 10 Cloud will likely not be able to run apps such as Steam or others that are not available on the Windows Store. For something so essential to an operating system named "Windows", for a long time Windows' window management capabilities were quite rudimentary.

Windows RT basically looked like Windows at first glance, but didn't really work like it at all. But that was because they ran Windows RT, the now-defunct version of Windows designed for ARM-based devices (as opposed to Intel/AMD x86 machines). Additional features are also added such as Night Mode, better Cortana and Edge browser, and more.

Often in the tech world a discounted price is used to move old stock ahead of a new version of the device hitting market.

Windows 10 Cloud is expected to be Microsoft's answer to Google's Chromebooks and work with Universal Windows Platform Apps or Win32 apps. The Windows 10 Creators Update also provides a central location for game-related customization.

The Windows 10 Creators Update does not have as many new enterprise features as IT professionals had hoped for. Many were expecting it to get unveiled a year ago. Let us know in the comments section below.

More broadly, Microsoft is believed to be working on a large overhaul of the Windows shell and appearance. Sources suggest it could get powered by an ARM processor, given the fact that the Redmond giant joined hands with Qualcomm previous year to build ARM-based processors.For now, nothing is officially confirmed but we should hear more as Microsoft will host the event in NY in just a few week's time.

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