Not Even A Player's Urine Is Beyond Tom Herman's Attention To Detail

Tom Herman Keeps Pee Chart For the Football Team in Athletic Center

Texas football has a urine chart that tells if you are a champion or a bad guy

Texas football is trying to revamp its program under the new leadership of coach Tom Herman.

Throughout the past few seasons, we've seen college football programs do some pretty awesome, modern renovations to their facilities, especially their locker rooms.

You'll notice on the visual aid below (via's Anwar Richardson) that burnt orange means "YOU'RE A BAD GUY!" in the Longhorns restroom. If it's dark yellow you "are headed to "Area 51'" or are considered a "selfish teammate". But not even MI coach Jim Harbaugh, who does some out-there things, determines the worthiness of his players based on their urine.

In the college football world, luxurious locker rooms and player facilities have nearly become the norm.

Herman's desire for players to stay hydrated is no secret.

Hopefully the team is as thirsty as the fan base is to get back to winning and playing in major bowl games in January.

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