Rouhani: Iran needs no one's permission to build missile

Ahmadinejad, who recently made waves for registering to run for president of Iran for a third time, told the AP the reason Hillary Clinton is not America's president is because she would not have been able to put up an convincing enough front.

The Spokesman-Review reveals that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke to AP directly from his office in the nation's capital of Tehran, and essentially scoffed at the idea that Iran's government could possibly be threatened by the likes of Donald Trump and the US government.

The situation, however, was brought into focus by the reports that the Supreme Leader - who had been in his post since 1989, after serving as President - was now terminally ill. "A woman can not put up a good war face".

However, Ahmadinejad noted that Trump's outward aggressiveness is little more than political posturing, since a truly aggressive man couldn't amass a fortune like his.

"If he were unsafe, he would not have $70 billion (66 billion euros) of assets".

According to Shakdam, Ahmadinejad's decision to run was not an act of defiance but simply a choice based on his willingness to offer a "different kind of a flavor in politics" and ensure that the voices of his faction are heard, especially in the context of the current tension between the US, Iran and Russian Federation, and around the Middle East in general.

Since taking office in January, Trump has targeted Iran with both his speech and policy. He also considered the Trump administration was posturing in its tough talk against Iran, suggesting Trump would rather avoid war with his global interests.

Rouhani also referred to his government's "successful" management of economic issues and said that he was able to curb the inflation, raise the rate of economic growth, stop depression and, to some extent, solve unemployment problem.

But the question remained as to how much attention the leadership of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (the Pasdaran), the significant combat force, would be paying to ensuring national stability in the event that a vacuum was perceived to emerge.

"The nuclear deal is a legal document and a pact".

"He has no experience in foreign policy, so at least initially he will have to follow the system's grand strategy of preserving the nuclear deal and shifting any blame of undermining it to the U.S.", said Ali Vaez, Iran analyst for the International Crisis Group. President Donald Trump has frequently criticized the nuclear deal with Iran.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did, however, do his best not to say anything that could potentially alienate voters or raise controversy with clerical authorities, particularly Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who advised the former leader against submitting his name for elections once more.

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