San Antonio Spurs: 3 Lessons From Game 1 Victory Vs. Grizzlies

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge (12) drives between Memphis Grizzlies defenders Troy Daniels (30) and JaMychal Green (0) during Game 1 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series, Saturday, April 15, 2017, in San Ant.

The Grizzlies shocked the top-seeded Spurs as the #8 seed back in 2011 when Memphis beat them in the first round four games to two. The Spurs shot 41-of-77 from the field (53.2 percent) in the win, including 10-of-19 from 3-point land. Marc Gasol had one of those nights.

ABOUT THE SPURS: San Antonio got a different performance out of their starting point guard, with veteran Tony Parker scoring 18 points on 8-of-13 shooting while stepping up defensively against Conley. And, with Chandler Parsons doing whatever he's doing these days and Tony Allen watching in a suit, two of their best three wing players are out, so maybe they are.

Kawhi Leonard and Co. posted a strong 61-21 regular-season record, but they enter the postseason as the Western Conference's No. 2 seed behind the mighty Golden State Warriors. But first they have to dispose of the Memphis Grizzlies here in this series. "If we want to go anywhere in the playoffs, he's going to have to perform at that level every game". Tony Parker controlled the tempo early and was able to provide a spark reminiscent of his younger self. The Grizzlies just turned in their best season yet shooting 3s and ranked 14th in the league making an average of 9.3 3s per game. Unless Memphis figures out something drastic, this series looks destined for 4 games. "It's when the most physical play is allowed". "But good. I think they are fresh on our minds". The bench, which often carried the club through its historic 67-win campaign, flat-lined at inopportune times, while Parker played up and down and left pundits wondering whether it was time for the Spurs to go in another direction at the position. The only reason I know is because of you guys, because you bring it up. I think we were all a little anxious about how Marc Gasol was going to play in the first place, and he answered that pretty quickly.

The Grizzlies gave up after the third quarter.

The Grizz are hoping for better contributions from some fringe players, especially sixth man Zach Randolph. "I was lucky enough to start the game very efficient and getting good looks, but it's not about that". We know them, they know us. A combined 35 or so from the rest of the roster would get them over 100, and if you score 100 on San Antonio you would imagine you would have a chance. Fizdale likes how complete the young wing is, or how he is the most complete option he now has, and seems willing to invest this opportunity in him.

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