DHS chief: Terror risk as high as on 9/11

Pamela Taylor whose home is on the south side of the border fence stands near a sign she erected in Brownsville Texas. The last time U.S. officials built a barrier along the border with Mexico they left

Homeland Security Changing Enforcement of Crimes by Undocumented Immigrants, Secretary Kelly says

But you talked about the difficulty - you were trying to find partners at the time in Central America to help you with this, and the USA drug consumption, the US drug consumer, you thought as part of the problem in all of this.

The attorney general also issued a memo Tuesday calling on federal attorneys to consider prosecuting anyone who harbors illegal immigrants, prioritizing those who protect violent offenders or are involved in transporting or protecting three or more people living in the US illegally. We are a nation of laws, and I would hope that Congress fixes a lot of these problems'.

Kelly said he first took on the drug crisis because "no one else" did, adding that the Obama administration did little to fight against it. He is expected to pursue harsher punishments for using and distributing marijuana, which were relaxed under President Trump's predecessor, as The Washington Post's Sari Horowitz has reported. On that point, Kelly said that DHS would enforce existing marijuana laws. "Just start the process of getting after this drug demand".

During an appearance on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd, Kelly de-emphasized the role marijuana plays in the "drug war", instead placing the blame on Mexican-produced methamphetamine and heroin, and cocaine produced in other Latin American countries.

SEC. JOHN KELLY: It's three things. Nearly all produced in Mexico.

General Kelly considers himself a crusader against illegal, deadly drugs even as a 4-Star USMC General and now as DHS Secretary, 2 places that historically do not battle the Drug War. "And cocaine that comes up from further south".

'Secretary Kelly doesn't [deport people], ICE doesn't, it's the United States criminal justice system, a justice system, that deports people'. 52,000 Americans dead. You can't put a price on human misery.

Kelly said it will be up to Congress to help sort out how to treat the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the US, including the so-called "Dream Act" children brought illegally into the country by their parents or guardians. "The solution is a comprehensive drug demand reduction program in the United States that involves every man and woman of good will". The new administration's plans remain unclear, although Trump has suggested he wants to find a solution that could let them stay. "Its use and possession is against federal law and until that law is changed by the United States Congress we at DHS along with the rest of the federal government are sworn to uphold all the laws that are on the books".

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