That 'Armada' Heading To North Korea? Actually, It Sailed South

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visits at the border village of Panmunjom which has separated the two Koreas since the Korean War South Korea Monday

The Latest: Pence warns

The USS Carl Vinson has been making its way from Singapore to the Sea of Japan since last week, making stops in Asia along the way.

However, the administration of President Donald Trump believes that the past 20 years of USA policy on North Korea was a mistake and, seeking a new approach, has declared that all options "are on the table".

He said, "I hope there will be no unilateral actions like those we saw recently in Syria and that the USA will follow the line that President Trump repeatedly voiced during the election campaign".

The Vinson group possesses such a system.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have become escalated ever since North Korea carried out a number of missile launches and nuclear tests, which constitute a violation of relevant resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council.

Earlier in the week, Pence warned North Korea not the test "the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region", according to the New York Times.

US President Donald Trump added to the tension early last week by telling Fox Business News he was sending "an armada" of powerful warships and submarines to waters off Korea. The Strike Group will remain under the operational control of US 3rd Fleet as part of the 3rd Fleet Forward initiative.

White House officials have repeatedly said "all options are on the table" to respond to Pyongyang's latest missile launch - a medium-range missile that blew up nearly immediately - but have stopped short of flatly saying that military action was being planned. As the brown bomber jacket-clad vice president was briefed near the military demarcation line, two North Korean soldiers watched from a short distance away, one taking multiple photographs of the American visitor. They were ordered to head north to the Korean Peninsula in response to North Korean provocations, defense officials told CNN at the time.

While the belief that the Carl Vinson was heading towards Korea was reported as fact by media outlets around the world, there were hints it was perhaps not steaming there as fast as many supposed.

"We will not rest and will not relent until we obtain the objective of a denuclearized Korean Peninsula", he said.

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