Trump says he will 'stand up for our dairy farmers'

But Canadian agriculture leaders say they have a right to enact domestic-minded policies, especially as US farmers flood global markets with excess milk.

He says resolution on the issue is needed quickly and well before NAFTA re-negotiations take place.

"In Canada, some very unfair things have happened with our dairy farms", Trump said during a speech at the headquarters of Wisconsin-based tool manufacturer, Snap-on. Scheibe says that type of response doesn't solve anything. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer visited Cayuga Milk Ingredients in Aurelius to speak out against the trade barriers.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection thanked Mullins for taking on the extra dairies.

Trump promises to work with Wisconsin's congressional delegation to get a solution. The Ottawa-based Dairy Farmers of Canada, which represents 12,000 farms, is confident the Canadian government will "defend and protect" its dairy industry and the economy, a spokeswoman said by phone.

Trump promised to work with Wisconsin's congressional delegation to get a solution after the governors of Wisconsin and NY urged him to take action.

"We know that dairy producers in the U.S are going through tough times; however, incorrectly laying the blame on an unrelated Canadian domestic policy will not improve their situation".

He says he will seek "fair trade" with all of America's trading partners "and that includes Canada".

"Can we renegotiate and get a better NAFTA deal?" The White House says the program undercuts American workers by bringing in large numbers of cheaper foreign workers, which drives down USA wages.

"Unfortunately, it appears that while US processors were making multi-million dollar investments to meet the growing cross-border market for ultra-filtered milk, the Canadian dairy industry and government were plotting a trade war against our nation's dairy farmers", Cuomo and Walker wrote.

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