UC Berkeley Calls Off Ann Coulter Talk For Security Reasons

UC Berkeley Calls Off Ann Coulter Talk For Security Reasons

UC Berkeley Calls Off Ann Coulter Talk For Security Reasons

A planned speech next week on the campus of UC Berkeley by conservative pundit Anne Coulter has been canceled because officials were unable to secure a "safe and suitable venue".

University spokesman Dan Mogulof said concern about security during the event mounted last week after posters appeared on the walls of campus buildings threatening disruptions. Civic Center Park for the April 15 rallies. Pro-Trump supporters, white supremacists and pro-gun activists clashed with Antifa demonstrators who came to shut them down.

Ann Coulter fired off an angry stream of tweets Wednesday vowing to speak as planned next week at the University of California, Berkeley after campus officials called off the event for security concerns. "We are going to be making a concerted effort to explain the reasons behind this". College Republicans said they will announce where Coulter will speak early next week.

The school was forced to cancel the event and place the school on a campus-wide lockdown over growing protests. They hit people with sticks, pulled down barricades and set a portable generator on fire.

Both events were planned by Berkeley's College Republicans. They said they found out about the event after reading about it in newspapers.

He said he is confident Cal can find a suitable venue that is available in September. Students organized an outdoor concert in protest with the hashtag #AuburnUnites. UC Bekeley's spokesperson would not speculate about safety, but did say the university has an unwavering commitment to provide security for the campus and students. "That's exactly what we are doing". We therefore must now work together to reschedule her appearance for a later date.

The group lashed out in its statement, accusing university officials of misusing taxpayer money for an "unconstitutional purpose" and comparing Biddy and UC President Janet Napolitano to North Korea's authoritarian leader Kim Jong Un.

But Coulter told The Hollywood Reporter that she plans to speak anyway.

Tucker Carlson criticized the school for claiming they respected the First Amendment while deciding to strip Coulter of her's. "We've never actually had the support of the university".

As a general matter, the timing of an event, as well the location and nature of the venue, play an important role when it comes to the safety and security of the speaker, attendees, our community neighbors, as well as individuals engaged in lawful protest.

"Given current active security threats, it is not possible to assure that the event could be held successfully", the letter read.

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