Man allegedly goes on killing spree, targets white men

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Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed

He went on to say "These individuals who were chosen today did not do anything to deserve what they got".

Muhammad - born Kori Taylor - claimed insanity in 2005 after being arrested on drug and weapons charges.

Dyer said Muhammad traveled south on North Fulton Street where he encountered David Martin Jackson, 58, of Fresno, at a bus stop. Muhammad was living on the streets and most people had "disassociated" themselves from him, the chief said.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons says Muhammad was incarcerated at a federal penitentiary from October 2006 to September 2011 after being convicted of possessing cocaine with intent to distribute.

The Bee reported that the gunman opened fire with a large-caliber handgun while cursing shortly before 11 a.m. near a Catholic Charities building. Muhammad said he then shot Williams after he felt "disrespected". "If he didn't like what they did, he didn't like what they did no matter the color", she said.

Greer says Jackson was a military veteran.

Gassett leaves behind two sons, ages 9 and 13.

Muhammad told police that after the Motel 6 shooting, he climbed to the roof of a nearby 7-11 store and hid there overnight, watching as detectives investigated the shooting scene.

Dyer said officers asked Muhammad why he chose to surrender. At some point he is said to have uttered the Arabic phrase "Allahu Ackbar" (God is great).

Three people were killed in what police said is an anti-white hate crime. The fourth murder count is from a previous incident last week.

Muhammad, who was arrested after firing 16 shots within a minute, told officers that he hated white people, according to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

All three men killed in Tuesday's shootings are white. He also posted about "white devils" and on several occasions, posted status updates that included the phrase "Allahu Akbar". He said Muhammad is a Muslim who practices voodoo and has not attended a mosque in 25 years. He's also suspected in the shooting death of a white security guard last week.

Seyed Ali Ghazvini, imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, said Muhammad was not a member of his congregation and he did not recognize him.

Police had just advised hours earlier that they had identified Muhammad as the suspect in the killing of an unarmed security guard at Motel 6 last week. Muhammad added that he was not a coward, which differentiated him from a terrorist. The gun may have been picked up by someone else, Dyer said. The suspect showed no remorse, police said. He was allowed to speak to his mother and told her not to worry about him because his "magic" is strong. Carl Williams told her he loved her, too. Authorities are calling the killings a hate crime, saying that Muhammad, who is black, set out to kill as many white people as possible.

A coroner has released the names of three men gunned down during a shooting rampage in Fresno. Gassett leaves behind two children, as does 34-year-old Zackary Randalls.

Dyer said Muhammad approached a vehicle in between shootings, but he spared the lives of two Latina women who were in the auto with a child.

Dyer said Muhammad admitted to shooting the three men Tuesday, targeting them because they were white and shooting them as if he was on a game hunt. County government buildings were placed on lockdown during the shooting spree and residents were urged to shelter in place. Wright says he expects the arraignment will be scheduled for Friday.

Muhammad told police he did not like white people because they are responsible for oppressing Black people and that African Americans and Latinos needed to have their own land with their own laws.

Randalls had just joined PG&E as a customer service representative six weeks ago, said the IBEW 1245 local chapter to which Randalls belonged.

Randalls was in a training program for Pacific Gas & Electric and doing a ride-along Tuesday when he was gunned down.

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