Minnesota police set up elaborate 'trap' on 4/20 day

Viral photo shows Minnesota police's 'undercover 4/20 operations'

Minnesota police department wins the internet with this hilarious 4/20 tweet, but also has a serious message

A amusing photo and caption by a Minnesota police department have a lot of people on social media smiling today.

A police department in Minnesota is poking fun at its 4/20 preparations.

This isn't the first time the Wyoming Police Department has received national attention for its snappy tweets. "Discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today".

Undercover #420 operations are in place. The Wyoming Police Department tweeted a staged picture showing a "trap" baited with munchies and video games - along with an officer ready to net any stoners who take the bait!

Around 9 a.m. the account did take a serious tone saying, "All jokes aside, substance abuse is a real issue".

With that being said, if you need help with substance abuse issues please contact us & we'll find resources.

For the second year in a row, a police department in Minnesota sent a "warning" to smokers looking to celebrate 4/20. "That does NOT mean jail time".

Here is a picture of their tweet from past year on April 20th.

Undercover #420 stings are underway.

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