Nasscom cautions over revamp of lottery system for H-1B visas

In business dealings, Donald Trump has ignored 'Buy American' ethos

Donald Trump Sign 'Buy American Hire American' Executive Order in Wisconsin Trip

Trump is to sign the order when he visits the world headquarters of Snap-On Inc (SNA.N), a tool manufacturer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Based on a review of U.S. Labor Department filings for 2016 regarding temporary visa programs, Reuters found 3,339 workers of approximately 22,000 Facebook employees working in the U.S. were employed directly through H-1B temporary visas.

Additionally, it asked them to propose new rules and guidance for preventing fraud and abuse of work visas.

With regards to the second half of the title, "hire American", government agencies would be encouraged to give priority to American companies when awarding contracts, with a review of waivers and exemptions that allowed the use of foreign-made products, reported the Washington Post.

Trump's order seeks to ensure the visas go only to the most skilled workers. However much hypothetical H-1B reforms may or may not help American workers, the order can not be taken in isolation from Trump's broader policy agenda, which includes a Muslim ban, a border wall, and mass deportations already taking place.

Cordio said training domestic workers will require additional investment from companies.

"On April 29, Trump will be 100 days in office, and one of the promises he made was ... that he would make sure that Americans were hiring Americans and that they were buying American". To qualify for the visa, workers usually must have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Lottery funds more than 65,000 H1-B applications each year with another 20,000 handed out to graduate student workers. Disney and Edison have said that they paid foreign contractors comparably with local staffers.

Trump's order also empowers federal agencies to reexamine loopholes in the government's procurement process. Specifically, they would look into whether waivers in free-trade agreements are leading to unfair trade by companies outside the USA and whether it undercuts American companies on a global playing field.

Critics of the programme have argued that the H-1Bs were being used by outsourcing firms to bring in low-skilled workers on low wages - who land up displacing Americans - and not the best and brightest as was originally envisioned.

"If it turns out America is a net loser because of those free-trade agreement waivers, which apply to nearly 60 countries, these waivers may be promptly renegotiated or revoked", the second official said.

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