PA Senate Committee to Vote on Guns in Schools

Illustration by Tim Park for The Texas Tribune

The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors

Illustration by Tim Park for The Texas Tribune The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors

Given the differences between the House and Senate bills, significant cross-rotunda compromises could be necessary, which some medical marijuana advocates said could result in an Amendment 2 implementation plan so restrictive a court fight could follow. They are dying for action.

"This is a way for the State to go to bat for a particular company, in my point of view, and they're trying to override lots of local ordinances and we're helping one company out and I think that's wrong", Rodriguez said.

The Texas House late Wednesday night approved a sweeping, bipartisan school finance plan that pumps an extra $1.6 billion into classrooms and begins overhauling the troubled way the state pays for public education.

The biological sex on Libby's birth certificate says "boy' but that does not match the 7-year-old's gender identify".

Political infighting halted past efforts to enact such a rule, including an intense push a year ago that went nowhere despite support from public safety employee labor unions, the governor, and various lawmakers, Democrat and Republican. Community business leaders are also questioning why the bill is being advanced so easily through legislative Republicans when the party has historically been pro-corporation, Hart said. The bill needs one more vote to get to the governor's desk. "So it wasn't necessarily directed toward this particular bill, it's kind of an overall policy position", Bracy said. "I'm not looking to the federal government to address these problems". It's not based on what highways need fix. "It's based on where certain legislators live", he says.

Sen. Dick Barrett, D-Missoula, agreed with Regier. The meeting was only scheduled for 90 minutes, and, in the Senate, we can not extend that time.

As for the argument that the SCDOT already gets enough money but doesn't spend it wisely, Speaker Lucas says it's clear the agency doesn't have the money it needs.

Three states-Alabama, Texas and South Carolina-are now vying to be the next state in the nation to do away with the requirement for law-abiding gun owners to be licensed by the government to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense.

After a week off, S.C. senators return to session in Columbia at 2 p.m. Tuesday. Ronnie Sabb, D-Williamsburg, says it's up to drivers who are exhausted of bad roads to contact their senators.

People without the necessary proof of domicile will still be allowed to vote, but they will have to fill out an affidavit promising to provide proof within 10 days (30 days in towns where the clerk's office is open fewer than 20 hours a week).

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