US, Mexico and Canada launch joint bid to host 2026 World Cup

Canada, US, Mexico To Make Joint Bid For 2026 Fifa World Cup

Historic joint World Cup bid from USA, Canada and Mexico

The soccer associations of the United States, Canada and Mexico have formally announced their intention to enter a three-way bid for the right to host the 2026 Fifa World Cup.

Gulati said the initial plans were to stage 60 of the 80 World Cup games in the United States, with Canada and Mexico hosting 10 games each.

FMF president Decio de Maria suggested that Mexico should be satisfied that there could be some World Cup games coming to the country, which would make Mexico the first to host three World Cups. This will be three years later than scheduled because of corruption allegations surrounding the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russian Federation and Qatar.

At the press conference at One World Trade Center, Gulati acknowledged as much.

While Donald Trump may be mulling over the construction of a wall on the Mexican border, interestingly he has given encouragement to the United States to go ahead and launch a joint bid for hosting the 2026 World Cup along with Mexico and Canada.

Federation Internationale de Football Association will make a determination on the host for the 2026 tournament in 2020. Under the current proposal, the USA would host the majority of the games, 60, with the other 20 split evenly between Mexico and Canada.

There hasn't been a men's World Cup in the CONCACAF region (North America, Central American, and the Caribbean) since 1994, when the USA hosted alone.

As of now, competitors to the North American joint bid are not known.

According to Press Association analysis, the U.S. probably has the facilities to host a tournament by itself tomorrow.

Canada Soccer and CONCACAF president Victor Montagliani revealed that a joint bid was being worked on in an interview with the Guardian last week.

Even though the CONCACAF joint bid is the frontrunner, history shows that anything can happen. Canada hosted the 2015 Women's World Cup, but every venue used was composed of artificial turf - a decision that was widely derided.

The only World Cup that has been co-hosted to date was the 2002 World Cup when South Korea and Japan teamed up.

He played down the possibility that politics could hamper the bid, emphasising that Trump was "especially pleased" with Mexico's involvement.

The president of the American federation also said that following the quarterfinals, all the matches will be played on American soil.

By the time 2026 rolls around, it will have been 32 years (and seven tournaments) since the World Cup was held in North America. The three nation bid will allow the three countries to host games for the 2026 edition of the World Cup. We clearly between the three countries have 40, 50 stadiums that meet FIFA's qualifications and criteria, as well as cities and hotels and air.

A FIFA World Cup Brasil football.

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