Nicki Minaj offers to pay for OU student's college expenses

Nicki Minaj offers to pay for OU student's college expenses

Nicki wrote back 'U want to go to college but can't? The requests ran the gambit with some asking for $1,000 to cover three summer classes and others asking for help with their tuition and student loans.

It started with a contest to join the rapper at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 21, in which fans had to tweet Minaj using the hashtag, #NickiBBMAs. That's because Minaj chose to spend about an hour on Saturday night throwing money at her fans, and it might have been one of the coolest things a rich/famous person has ever done on social media. "Dead serious", she tweeted.

Then a fan asked if Minaj would pay for his tuition. I Wanna Join!' one Twitter user wrote, to which Minaj replied, 'Ok do u need help w/tuition or do u have a full scholarship?' One by one, a couple dozen students got replies of "done" and "send me your info" from the star.

"I'll do some more in a month or 2", she added.

- NICKI MINAJ (@NICKIMINAJ) Thirty fans were lucky enough to catch Minaj's attention before she closed the competition, saying: "Ok u guys".

Pick me! Fans quickly chimed in in hopes the No Frauds rapper would pay for their school bills with one follower writing'I Have a 4.0 I'm In Medical School! I Wanna Join with a pic of her perfect grades
Nicki Minaj wows fans by paying school loans, tuition

The Oprah Winfrey-like gifting session ending just before midnight Saturday, with Nicki joking she needed to "see if I have any money left".

What do you think of the star deciding to give back to her fans?

Mere minutes later, Minaj tweeted her offer - on one condition: As long as your grades are good enough.

Minaj has also been active with the educational charity, Get Schooled Foundation. Will you kick ass in school or let this golden opportunity for education pass you by?

After a few hours of promising to pay for students' tuition, she said she would do some more in a few months. "She's really an fantastic person". By the end of the giveaway session, she reportedly pledged over $25,000 (£19,300) in funds to her various fans.