Democratic budget includes legalized pot, tolls and a casino

Democratic budget includes legalized pot, tolls and a casino

Governor Dannel Malloy is proposing additional major cuts to state spending in CT as he addresses a widening budget deficit projected for next year. The state is now spending $19.73 billion in 2017.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy released a revised two-year state budget that reduces aid to many municipalities by another $362 million in the first year while boosting aid to poorer communities.

Democratic and Republican leaders have said they also expect to update their budget proposals.

Legislative leaders and the governor are expected to begin budget talks in the coming days.

Republican House leaders are proposing a revised budget they say ensures every CT community will receive an increase in local school funding.

Like the Senate Republicans' proposal, the House GOP has called for additional labor savings beyond the $700 million Malloy is now trying to secure with state employee unions.

Malloy's plan still relies on $700 million in state employee concessions, which remain unsettled.

House and Senate Democrats say their plan does not increase the sales, personal income or corporation taxes. It also closes the Southbury Training School for people with developmental disabilities, shutters a prison, sells off surplus state property and consolidates various state agencies such as the Department of Higher Education into the Department of Education.