Kentucky Girl Scout leader accused of stealing $26000 in cookies

Kentucky Girl Scout leader accused of stealing $26000 in cookies

In at least one instance on February 1, the 26-year-old picked up a stash of cookies and failed to pass them off to her troops.

Leah Ann Vick, a Girl Scout leader in Floyd County, Kentucky, is living our darkest cookie fantasies after poaching more than $20,000 worth of buttery confections from her local troop.

As with all other Girl Scout troops selling cookies, Vick's troop was supposed to pay for the cookies once the Scouts sold them.

"She has never paid for any of them and anyone who has tried to contact her about them has not been able to contact her", Bartley said.

Ms McGraw told the Telegraph that Vick worked alone in the eastern district of Kentucky, and so would have been able to carry out her crimes unnoticed for many weeks.

A Girl Scout troop leader was arrested for pilfering over 6,000 boxes of cookies.

Vick signed for more than $26,000 worth of cookies, officials said. The organization fronts the money until Scouts sell their cookies and send back the funds, she said. However, according to Bartley, Vick has been unreachable and the location of the cookies is unknown.

"Right now our biggest concern is actually focusing on recovering and maintaining the troop for the girls".

Through participation in the cookie program, troops are provided funding for troop activities, trips and community service projects. If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in prison. She is now being held in Pike County Detention Center and awaiting arraignment on May 26.