Kevin Spacey can't wait for "House of Cards'" "exciting" fifth season

Kevin Spacey can't wait for

Actor Kevin Spacey participates in the BUILD Speaker Series at AOL Studios May 24 in NY.

If season 5 of "House of Cards" feels different, it's because much has changed - and not just on the show. Clearly, it would be impossible for any political drama not to reference the current controversy-laden political landscape, but doing so without borrowing from today's headlines could be a challenge.

Fans of the show know the only real time that Frank's bisexuality was addressed was in a Season 2 episode in which he invites his bodyguard Meechum to engage in a three-way with himself and Claire.

In true Netflix fashion, the 13-episode season was released all at once Tuesday to allow fans the opportunity to binge-watch.

Her co-star doesn't agree: "People are saying "House of Cards" will be boring this year; how can we compete with reality - I have to say honestly, we've never been more relevant", Spacey said in an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It reunites viewers with Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) Underwood, the president and first lady, and paints a sinister picture of what lies ahead for the country.

Check out the full trailer for Season 5 below. "And I think that as long as we do that and don't feel the need to compete with the real world, we're going to be fine."Reality and fantasy collided last week when Pete Souza, former President Barack Obama's official White House photographer, trailed Spacey and Kelly around Washington and snapped photos of the "House of Cards" president and his right-hand man in political poses."It was nearly, first of all, like being on a campaign trail", Spacey said in the Lauer interview".