E3 2017: The biggest and best announcements you need to know about

E3 2017: The biggest and best announcements you need to know about

In the case of "Minecraft, "though, Microsoft managed to bridge the game across different types of devices from different, competing companies".

It was announced that Xbox One, Windows, and Nintendo Switch would feature cross-play, allowing Minecraft players to join and play together regardless of platform. There are now more than 55 million users who play Minecraft every month.

Available on the Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, mobile, and VR versions of the game, the update will provide improved lighting, shadows, water effects, and generally a more visually impressive Minecraft experience.

As an additional added perk, Minecraft is throwing in a server browser to its latest update. Weirdly enough, the game's jagged edges and blocky structures look handsome in 4K, as is evidenced by several spots in the trailer revealed at the E3 press conference. Some are suggesting that since Microsoft will own the dedicated servers for all of the cross-platform play, sweeping PS4 players into the fold is much more advantageous for them than it is for Sony; financially, at any rate.

It'll happen later this summer as part of Minecraft's next major update, playfully dubbed "Better Together". This means players will be able not only to create worlds with their friends - even if one has an Xbox One and the other has a Nintendo Switch - but also access saved data and purchased content across all devices at no extra charge. We'll be launching with four servers - Lifeboat, Mineplex, InPVP, and CubeCraft - with more to follow. More importantly, the game's complete visual pipeline has seen a substantial upgrade, meaning Minecraft might finally look impressive on your shiny 4K TV.

While Minecraft is a game that has evolved a lot over the years, one aspect that's remained relatively samey throughout its lifecycle is its graphics. Enter the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack, an upcoming update that promises vastly increased graphical fidelity. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version users will receive the new Edition - simply called Minecraft - free of cost.

Unlike installable texture packs in Minecraft's past, the Super-Duper Graphics Pack appears to completely overhaul every element of the game's rendering system.