Xbox One X the Scorpio

Phil Spencer, the head honcho over at Xbox, has acknowledged that officially emulating an Xbox on a PC could be done, and has gone one step further.

On other news, Microsoft's new Xbox One X will be made available on November 7, 2017, and these are the games that are confirmed to be exclusively playable on the Xbox One X. "The fact is we designed this to be a premium product that has the most power, the most performance that has ever been seen, no compromises; true 4K gaming".

When asked about how this difference will have an impact on multiplatform games and whether they will perform significantly better on Xbox One X, Spencer added: "The capability is in this box to make the difference extremely significant".

"I look at [PS4] Pro as more of a competitor to [Xbox One] S than I do to Xbox One X", claims Spencer.

The Xbox One X is here. The tech company is using a custom GPU engine on Xbox One X that runs at 1172MHz, a huge boost over the 853MHz of Xbox One and even the 911MHz on Sony's PS4 Pro.

The Xbox One X is definitely a game system that puts out great visuals, there's no question; provided you have that additional hardware described above. This compares favorably with Sony's flashship PS4 Pro console, released last November, which offers 8 GB RAM and operates at 4.12 trillion floating point operations per second.

Meanwhile, rival Sony has released a beefier PlayStation 4 and unlike Microsoft Sony has said all models of the PlayStation 4 combined have sold more than 60 million units world-wide to date. The company may try to get developers to warm up to the platform first before it ultimately launches a headset powered by its game console.

"The money-making part is in selling games", he said, showing that Microsoft will rely on titles to drive up its profit from the Xbox One X. Although you can capture videos at 4K/60 fps on the Xbox One X.