Google's experimental app Triangle helps you preserve mobile data

Google's experimental app Triangle helps you preserve mobile data

Triangle shows you which apps have been using your data, and lets you block them from using any more (it uses a VPN). In this case, it's providing a helping hand to guide those with severe data limits towards a more smartphone-reliant, connected life. The app can let you manage your data smartly by providing you with a bevy of tools that can allow you to your data balance, see which apps are gobbling up your data.

At the individual application level, Triangle users can customize how their apps are allowed to use data by choosing between options like 10 minutes at a time, 30 minutes or "Always".

If your apps running in the background consume too much data, you will be happy to know that Google has recently begun testing a new app, Triangle to solve this problem. The new Android app, called Triangle, is now being tested in the Philippines, and lets you do things like view your data balance, see which apps are accounting for the most data usage and even block individual applications from using your mobile data, among other things. Thus an app like Triangle to track and manage mobile data balance is of great use. This offers is available only for the users of Smart and Globe prepaid carriers.

-You can also check your prepaid data balance with the Triangle app. The app is in beta phase and now being tested in Philippines.

The app has a tab that will enable the users to track the data and claim the rewarded data. The company, years ago added a Data Saver mode to its mobile Chrome browser. This is particularly useful in situations where you have say a news app that needs to connect to the Internet for a few times in a day to grab all news articles.

Google is expected to launch Triangle in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other emerging markets depending on the feedback. Also, Globe and Smart's postpaid subscribers can use Triangle's "Data Saver". Similarly, Google also has a data saver feature that is built right into the company's Pixel devices.