Super Mario Odyssey Completely Removes the Dreaded "Game Over" Screen

Super Mario Odyssey Completely Removes the Dreaded

For the first time in the core Super Mario series, Super Mario Odyssey will not have a Game Over screen. In fact, some games like New Super Mario Bros Wii and its Wii U sequel just keep a running tally of the number of times you've hit the game over screen, with no other real drawbacks of note. However, no matter how many times Mario succumbs, you won't have to worry about a Game Over message.

The lack of a game over screen indicates that Nintendo is aiming to make the upcoming platformer as casual friendly as possible. Of course, series fans already know that the change is more cosmetic than anything else- lives have been entirely redundant and meaningless in Mario games since at least Super Mario Galaxy. With all these evolution, we became very familiar with how Mario looks whenever we step into something we should not, losing a life in the process.

In recent Mario games, however, the game over screen has meant less and less. In Super Mario's case: restarting kingdoms. According to a recent tweet from the game's official Japanese account (via Polygon), Mario will lose 10 coins whenever he "plunges to the depths". Apparently, the answer is yes, as Nintendo confirmed there won't be a Game Over state in the hotly anticipated Switch game Super Mario Odyssey. For as great as the Galaxy games were, the fact that they still had lives (a holdover from when games tried to guzzle coins out of players) was anachronistic and unusual. But while there is no longer a "GAME OVER" screen, when Mario dies, Frank said that Mario will just go back to the last pit stop and from there, gamers can continue the journey.