Watch EVO 2017 Live-Streams Right Here

Watch EVO 2017 Live-Streams Right Here

Thousands of steely-eyed players will bring their skills to Las Vegas this weekend to look for their opponents' weakness and maybe win some money - and they're not participating in the World Series of Poker. These gamers will compete to win the glory of top gamer in their chosen game and to win some of the hefty money prizes that come along with the Evo Tournament.

The finals for each game will be spread out between Saturday and Sunday. The block will include collaborative content from ESPN, Disney Digital Network and its maker creators, IGN, and others.

The Super Smash Bros. finals air this Sunday, July 16, at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET/11 PM BST.

The finals for the second most popular game at Evo, Super Smash Bros. Disney XD at 6 p.m. ET, according to Polygon.

And if you're looking to watch games beyond Smash, you can browse to the official EVO channel on Twitch throughout the weekend, which will be featuring the very finest moments of the event. Wii U finals at EVO 2017. Wii U, BlazBlue Central Fiction, The King of Fighters XIV, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

You can check out the Smash Bros.

Evo5 - This channel will host The Jump Off, a talk show for the fighting game community which also offers commentary on the games.

There's been a lot of news in recent weeks about esports being broadcast on live TV, whether that's Rocket League coming to NBC Sports or ESPN 2 showing the Street Fighter V finals at EVO again.

The action will start at 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern), and will be streamed on a number of Twitch channels.