Clijsters gets crowd involved in hilarious Wimbledon moment

Clijsters gets crowd involved in hilarious Wimbledon moment

Which is why spectators then witnessed the sight of Clijsters taking a spare white skirt from her tennis bag, along with a white quarter zip jacket, and attempt to pull it over his rather ample girth. It was no different for the 34-year-old when she went to the court at the Wimbledon this year for a women's doubles invitational match, along with other tennis greats. Calling from the crowd the man suggested "body line".

Roly-poly father-of-three Chris Quinn, from Wicklow, Ireland had told the ex-Australian Open and US Open victor where to serve from the stands of Court Three.

Wimbledon is known for its strict dress code, even when you're having fun. After that, Kim invited him on the court and told him to take her body serve.

In a nod to the All England Club's clothing rules, Clijsters went over to the sideline and grabbed a white skirt for the man to put over his blue shorts.

Clijsters fell on the floor laughing as the man was finally dressed to play in Wimbledon. Because he had on a light green shirt, he also was given a white shirt to pull on. Just as Clijsters was about to serve, she asked her teammate where to aim the serve - which saw one man in the ground interject with a suggestion.