Trudeau emphasizes Canadian-US ties in speech to US governors

Trudeau emphasizes Canadian-US ties in speech to US governors

Trump's fierce opposition to NAFTA has prompted Trudeau's government to reach out to USA leaders, including one-on-one meetings on Friday with Vice President Mike Pence and the governors of Kentucky, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Iowa.

TRUDEAU TOUTS TRADE TO U.S. GOVERNORS: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told American governors at a meeting Friday in Rhode Island that Canada is by far America's biggest trading partner.

Scott Walker says he talked with Pence but declined to say if he supports the bill. Free trade has worked.

The prime minister's website stated that he and Bevin "discussed a range of Canada-Kentucky issues, including the shared importance of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the auto sector, aluminum and steel trade, as well as the benefit trade brings to both Canada and Kentucky".

Trudeau pointed out how there are nine-million jobs dependent on Canadian companies in the United States and they touch just about every state.

As senators representing states with significant agricultural exports, we appreciate the careful approach the administration is taking to strengthen the NAFTA agreement, while ensuring that no changes are made that could result in harm to USA agriculture.

We think it should be updated and modernized as it has been a dozen times over the past quarter century.

He also provided veiled warnings about the consequences of the United States attempting to strong-arm any renegotiation.

Although Trudeau said last month he had pressed Trump to exclude Canada, his remarks on Friday were the first to reveal the president's response.

"This is the most successful economic partnership in the history of the world".

NAFTA has been an important trade agreement for the United States for more than 20 years.

He said the countries have to remain partners, not adversaries, when it comes to trade and remain competitive with the rest of the world.