Rapper Schoolboy Q is livid that United Airlines 'idiots' lost his dog

Rapper Schoolboy Q is livid that United Airlines 'idiots' lost his dog

The rapper was flying from Missouri to Burbank, California yesterday (July 14) with his French bulldog puppy.

United responded to the tweet, asking for more details.

The latest in a string of very bad incidents at the hands of the airline occurred on Friday after Quincy Matthew Hanley - a rapper whom you likely know as ScHoolboy Q - and his dog were placed on separate flights after a layover in Denver.

When he tweeted to United Airlines, calling them "idiots", they replied saying they were going to look into it further. Please DM us the airway bill. But during a layover in Denver, the airline mistakenly switched his dog with another.

In a text message to CNN, ScHoolboy Q said he anxious that his dog was trapped in his cage, unable to go to the bathroom.

"Our customer's dog was safely reunited with its owner Friday evening", they said. "Pets are part of our customers' family, and their safety and wellbeing is of the upmost importance to us", United said in a statement, according to CNN.

But social media had a field day with the airline's transgression.

He has threatened to sue United Airlines and expressed concern for his dog who had been traveling for several hours.

Another user, Taalib, shared similar sentiments and said: 'Never ever ever play with a mans dog'.

The rapper was eventually reconnected with his dog and posted some snaps of it on his Snapchat feed. He says a dog arrived at his house, but it wasn't the right one.