Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Be Announced Later August, Launch September

The Note 8 will be released this year, says TechRadar, but an official date has yet to be announced by Samsung. As indicated by reports, there were two primary reasons why Samsung might want to accelerate the arrival of the Galaxy Note 8. The software, rivaling Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, is available only in Korean now, but the new version will likely support more languages, including English and Chinese. The four cutouts from the June 16 Galaxy Note 8 screen protector resembles those of the Galaxy Note 7.

The device is expected to be official unveiled some time later next month, with a release on the market shortly after.

Allegedly leaked renders of the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone depict a device with an extra-large display, a USB-C port, and, of course, an attached holster for its stylus. An investigation into the fires revealed that an issue with the battery mechanism was causing a short circuit, resulting in the device combusting. The Galaxy Note 8 will have a dual rear camera setup at the back, a first product in the Samsung portfolio to feature two cameras.

The wider display, however, suggests that the handset could be the early renders of Galaxy Note 8. The device is highly speculated to be the first Samsung device sporting dual-cameras on the rear.

However, there is no specification news of the new Note 8 which we may see very soon. The key change is that the joint between with top-metal panel and the screen of the upcoming device is flat, while the Galaxy S8 series' joint has curves at the right and left corners.