As protests hit Indu Sarkar, firector has a question for Rahul

As protests hit Indu Sarkar, firector has a question for Rahul

Film-maker and director Madhur Bhandarkar who arrived here to promote his controversial film Indu Sarkar was hounded by Congress workers throughout the day and forced to cancel his scheduled press conference and a visit to an educational institute. The party raised objections to the way Indira Gandhi and her family has been portrayed in the film, that is set in the Emergency era.

Hours after Bhandarkar's jibe against Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leadership struck back, accusing him of resorting to cheap tactics for publicity. Bhandarkar stayed put at his hotel on Bund Garden road even as Congress workers kept vigil amidst police presence in the hotel lobby. But by then he had already checked out of the hotel.

Nagpur Congress chief Vikas Thakre, said, "We wanted to meet Bhandarkar and know as to why he was not showing the movie to the concerned Congress leaders. Can I have my freedom of expression?"

Bhandarkar's press conference in Nagpur was cancelled today after local Congress workers staged demonstration against the movie.

"Some people sent me legal notices, saying they are allegedly Sanjay Gandhi's daughter", Jagdish Tytler wrote a letter that he wants his portrayal in very good faith.

"Me and my actors are frightened, we are being threatened".

"If the producers had nothing to hide about the movie, they should have first shown it to the Congress leaders and the members of the Gandhi family". On this Madhur said, " have not made the film to malign anyone.

"I have already said that the Censor board asked for some cuts in the movie".

Citing that he has been regarded for producing videos, which are challenging-hitting, actual and topical, Bhandarkar has appealed other filmmakers and the general public to side with him over the difficulty as this reeks of suppression of independence of expression. "We have cancelled promotions in Bangalore and Ahmedabad due to fear of agitation", he said.

Indu Sarkar is due to be released on July 28.