Naz Baloch leaves PTI for PPP

Naz Baloch leaves PTI for PPP

Naz Baloch, a leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), has joined the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

She made this announcement during a press conference in Karachi alongside PPP's Faryal Talpur and Sindh Chief Minister Murad Shah.

She added that she was of the view that Imran Khan should spend more time in Karachi and review the decisions regarding party structure.

She further claimed that she has nothing against Imran Khan but the PTI she joined was the PTI of Imran Khan, where he used to take all decisions and his ideology wasn't compromised. "This is no secret", she told a questioner. She said that at present the PTI had been under occupation of the "elders" as youth of the party had been rejected. "All this happened when the PTI got itself changed while continuously raising the slogan of change. This is not the dawn we wished to see". "This is done by the Karachi party leadership, and I raised my voice about it prominently while I was with PTI", she added.

Responding to a question about governor's role in the province, the chief minister said Mohammad Zubair was the representative of the federal government, "but he is not interested in resolving provincial issues". She said it was certainly an unusual political phenomenon, which could astonish the people that someone who had been associated with Imran Khan had now made a decision to join the PPP. "Unfortunately they did not bring change in the country but in the party". She requested Imran Khan to listen to the complaints of disgruntled workers so that what was left of the party in Sindh remains intact. "No one comes forward apart from four faces, it's like musical chairs in intra-party elections". "I even eulogized the services of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto during my time with the PTI", she said. "And if he has returned to represent the people, then we should support him in his campaign and his struggle for Pakistan, and stand by him", she said.

She said that she would continue doing the same under the leadership of the PPP.

PTI's Shafqat Mehmood, in a press conference, said that Naz Baloch's departure to PPP made no difference to his party as she did not hold any office and was just a party worker there.