Irvin to avoid charges for sexual assault allegations

Irvin to avoid charges for sexual assault allegations

Andy Slater of WINZ Radio reported on Monday that Irvin's sexual assault case has been dismissed without charges being filed. "There are no allegations that the victim of this incident made a false police report due to the outcome of the State Attorneys Office not prosecuting the case".

Irvin, who played in college for the University of Miami, added that he believes committing murder is the only thing worse than falsely accusing someone of rape.

In May, Irvin told TMZ that his legal team has been informed the rape kit in the investigation came back negative. They said video from the hotel, the lack of physical evidence and the accuser's drug use and conflicting stories made it impossible to prove her allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.

Irvin plans on having a press conference on Monday.

The woman later admitted to investigators that she took a "small amount" of Xanax and ecstasy on the 19th and 20th - and fessed up to doing cocaine over the weekend.

Irvin, 51, had strongly denied the allegations, saying they were "heinous" and caused "the most hard period my family and I have ever had to endure", USA Today reported.

Shortly after arriving at the room, she began to feel sick and the last thing she remembered was trying to fight Irvin off, she told police at the time.

Michael Irvin was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Fort Lauderdale just over four months ago, but the Hall of Fame receiver is not going to face any charges.