Stephen Miller Is in the Running For Scaramucci's WH Job

Stephen Miller Is in the Running For Scaramucci's WH Job

If you're already feeling a confusing sense of nostalgia for the man who graphically roasted White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, you are far from alone.

Why is Trump considering Stephen Miller for the role?

Miller got into a heated exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta over the policy, which would slash legal immigration by 50% over 10 years, when Acosta asked Miller whether the administration was trying to "engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country through this policy". Miller then called Acosta "ignorant" and implied that he was un-American.

Miller is not yet a favourite for the communications director role, sources told Axios, but he did gain favour with Bannon - who is also a nationalist and immigration hardliner - following his heated press conference earlier this week.

The memo is dated July 30, just a day before Scaramucci was ousted by new chief of staff John Kelly.

On July 26, Scaramucci called the reporter, who he had spoken to before, from the auto on the way to the airport.

Scaramucci was also beset by a series of stories fueled by NY media outlets about his then-pregnant wife, Deidre, filing for divorce. Lizza sat down with David Remnick on The New Yorker Radio Hour to play parts of the call for the first time and glean a few conclusions about why his tenure was so brief.

Scaramucci has confirmed he wrote the memo.

A White House official said Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general who is known for his fastidious nature, wanted Scaramucci removed from his new role as the communications director because he did not think he was disciplined and had burned his credibility after a salacious interview he gave The New Yorker magazine. The endeavor to find a successor, for the communications role is still in the crucial process, and sources reveal, that, Miller might not be the top contender after all.