Blizzard Announces Two New Overwatch League Teams

Blizzard Announces Two New Overwatch League Teams

The Overwatch League has today announced two new teams, with a second time setting up shop in Los Angeles, and one settling right here in London Town.

That brings Overwatch League to a total of nine teams so far, and our latest new owners won't be the last.

The owner of the London team is Jack Etienne, co-founder and CEO of the esports team organization Cloud9, with successful teams in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch, and players in fighting games.

In what may come as a surprise to some, North American organization Cloud9 will take up the London location for the league, the first in Europe to be announced.

Cloud9 has set up shop in Blighty, with Cloud9's founder Jack Etienne picking up the London slot, while Stan and Josh Kroenke, who own traditional sports teams Arsenal Football Club, the Los Angeles Rams, Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Mammoth, Avalanche and Rapids teams. Formation of the Overwatch video gaming league was announced past year.

"The Overwatch League has wonderful momentum and today's announcement is another step towards building a successful global league", said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick.

"It was important for us to really find best-in-class operators that, first and foremost, have a proven track record of building and growing and fostering a fan base", Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer said in a phone interview.

The KSE outfit will actually be the Overwatch League's second Los Angeles-based team: The city is also home to an Immortals team, which was announced in July as one of the league's original seven teams.

Remember, the player signing window is now open, and announced Overwatch League teams can add players until it closes on October 30, 2017.

Players will earn a minimum of US$50,000 each year, and at least 50 percent of team performance bonuses from winning playoffs and other league events will go directly to players. More than 30 million people are registered as players of the game, according to Activision Blizzard. Overwatch was built from the ground up for online competition, with memorable characters and fast-paced action designed for the most engaging gameplay and spectator experiences. The forward-looking statements in this release are based upon information available to Blizzard Entertainment and Activision Blizzard as of the date of this release, and neither Blizzard Entertainment nor Activision Blizzard assumes any obligation to update any such forward-looking statements.