British actor confirms he's returning as James Bond

British actor confirms he's returning as James Bond

"I've been quite cagey about it", he admitted on Tuesday to USA television host Stephen Colbert on CBS's The Late Show. Undoubtedly, Craig is the luckiest bond, for the Bond franchise as the franchise has made over $880 million dollars worldwide starring him including the four bond films that Daniel was starred in.

Although there have been no director announcements yet; the untitled #007 James Bond film is coming is most tentatively releasing on the November 6, 2019, with a following early United Kingdom release and also at selected global markets. Sir Roger Moore's was at age 57 and Sean Connery was 53, making Craig third in the category of oldest to suit up for 007.

Ending more than eighteen months of speculation, Daniel Craig has confirmed he will be back as the world's best-known secret agent (apologies for the oxymoron) one more time.

Bond 25 will be his fifth turn as Bond, and the actor has confirmed it will be his last.

"I have been quite cagey about it", the actor told Colbert, according to the Guardian. "But I felt like if I was to speak the truth, I should speak the truth to you".

Daniel Craig's last film Skyfall, released in 2012, was a box office victor with the collection of a whopping 885 million pounds.

"Instead of saying something with style and grace, I gave a really stupid answer", he told Colbert.

When asked by Colbert directly whether he could deliver some "good news" about returning as Bond, Craig finally replied: "Yes". The movie introduces viewers to a side of Craig never seen before, reports, noting that until now, Craig has played things "awfully straight" with dramas and serious action films.