Hutchings Elementary To Host Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Monday

Hutchings Elementary To Host Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Monday

Participants will have the opportunity to view the eclipse through Cassegrain telescopes, solar glasses and other material to allow for safe viewing.

In collaboration with the UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, the UA's Steward Observatory and the UA College of Optical Sciences, Flandrau will host a Solar Eclipse Viewing Event on the UA Mall in front of Flandrau. This will also be the last solar eclipse to cross over the county until 2106, making it a true once-ina- lifetime event for hundreds in the area.

"One of the best ways to safely see the eclipse is by using solar viewing glasses", Reed said. "You need to make sure you look above you, and around you as well so you can notice the changes that are happening", she says. While the residents of North America will witness a partial solar eclipse, people, living in Salem, Oregon, Charleston, and SC will experience the total solar eclipse. The path of totality will cross the United States on Monday morning into the afternoon. But if you can find a ride and a room, you'll be in good shape for witnessing the spectacle.

"Just before the main event you'll see the moon's shadow racing toward you across the landscape".

"The big thing is you want to get to a place where you can see the sun usually in the early morning hours", said Kief, suggesting a field or other open area. After watching the partial phases, with stray beams of sunlight reflecting into his eyes from the glittering sand and sea, McClean was snowblind throughout the totality. Scientists say the longest period when the moon will completely block the sun from any point in its path will be about 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The park will close at 12:30 p.m. Visitors are asked to clear DLD Park by 3 allow time for clean-up following the total eclipse. You'll have to wait 28 years for your next chance.