Samsung Note 4 batteries being recalled over fire risk

Samsung Note 4 batteries being recalled over fire risk

The recall doesn't have anything to do with Samsung, despite one of its popular phablets being the device with the batteries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission website issued a notice in which it explains the batteries installed on these refurbished phones are counterfeit and pose an overheating risk. Basically, it could be bad news.

According to GFXBench, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a display that supports a 2,960 x 1440 pixels resolution, QHD+. Units certified as good will have a green sticker on them to help you differentiate them.

"This recall involves batteries placed into refurbished AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cellphones by FedEx Supply Chain and distributed as replacement phones through AT&T's Insurance program only".

We emphasize that only these units are in danger of overheating and are thus being recalled.

Just over 10,000 Galaxy Note 4 batteries are being recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which states that they are outfitted with counterfeit batteries. Samsung recalled more than two million Galaxy Note 7s a year ago.

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Faulty batteries in the Note 7 resulted in explosions and a big blow to Samsung's reputation.

By the time Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 8 next week, there will really be nothing left to be surprised about.

In this case, SamMobile has obtained several images via Weibo of what it says, is the Galaxy Note 8 dummy.

Our first question is how this could have happened just now, when the Galaxy Note 4 is a three-year-old phone?

If you do own one of these devices, then you should stop using the battery, power down the phone, and contact FedEx to receive a free replacement battery. When these affected units were delivered from December 2016 to April 2017, no problem or issue was reported even if the Galaxy Note 4 is already a 4-year old device. "The refurbishment programme was managed by FedEx Supply Chain and operated independently of Samsung".