How to View the Eclipse Safely with a Pizza Box

How to View the Eclipse Safely with a Pizza Box

The glasses were almost impossible to find by the end of the week. For those who can't get a pair of eclipse glasses, there is an alternative to the fancy specs.

The eclipse is just days away, but there are reports of a shortage of eclipse glasses and safety concerns.

These ideas are created to keep you from looking directly at the sun on Monday, which, even with the eclipse, can do permanent damage to your retina.

It's free - and pretty easy - to find or even make a device that will help you see a projection of the eclipse.

You can use a pizza box and things you have around the house to make a pinhole projector, as shown in a YouTube video made by Pizza Hut.

One method is to make a pinhole projector.

-Trace the bottom of the box on the white piece of paper.

Looking directly at the sun (during the eclipse or at any other time) can hurt your eyes so if you don't have solar eclipse glasses, you can make your own pinhole viewer out of a cereal box.

Option 2: If you don't want to do a craft project, just look for something that casts a shadow on the ground. In the light that shines through the hole, you'll be able to see the crescent of sunlight change as the moon moves across.

If you still haven't picked up your glasses for the eclipse yet, don't worry. You can even be more creative and poke multiple holes in the foil.

You're done! When you look through the right side of the box with your back to the sun. Regular sunglasses won't cut it.