Duke University Is Removing The Robert E. Lee Statue From Its Chapel

Duke University Is Removing The Robert E. Lee Statue From Its Chapel

"Theoretically it's possible but I think it needs to be reframed in some way".

There are days when I think we have ceased to be a serious country, completely incapable of distinguishing the serious from the frivolous.

On Wednesday, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney pointedly reversed course and announced that he felt the Confederate statues should be removed. On Friday, he was handed five new felony counts of malicious wounding, with the charges related to serious injuries inflicted on people hit by the vehicle, Charlottesville police said. "It's so reminiscent of the time we used to have in America and I can't stand to see it". All you have to do is decide you want to. They included the Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. The majority of the street had been named Springer since the 1970s.

A day or so later, he went on Twitter to bash the movement to take down Confederate monuments and statues - though he had previously said those decisions should be left to local authorities. The fact that they held slaves has no bearing on the Civil War because they weren't alive to be a part of it. Many places are trying to discuss and just delay the response, when in reality we can move quickly.

In a statement, the National Park Service addressed the change but did not attribute it to the white supremacy riots in Charlottesville last weekend. Bro's daughter, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, was killed and 19 others were injured when the driver rammed a auto into a crowd of demonstrators. We're mobilizing to remove these statues with the urgency of a doctor getting the transplanted heart into place before the guy off to the side gets exhausted of pumping.

"These monuments should be a part of our dark past and not of our bright future", wrote Mayor Levar Stoney.

As President Trump bemoaned the removal of tributes to Confederate Gens. Lee declined, citing his reservations about fighting against his home state of Virginia and resigned from the US Army. "And so for the sake of public safety, public reassurance, to magnify Heather's voice, and to repudiate the pure evil that visited us here, I am calling today for the removal of these Confederate statues from downtown Charlottesville", he said. "They were constructed to make black people fearful", Christian said. Subsequently, it became a burial ground for Union dead and, shortly after, the official central military cemetery of the United States.

Whatever the fallout from his handling of Charlottesville, the poll results show that Trump didn't do or say anything that has hurt him with his base, and he has aligned himself with popular opinion on the Confederate monuments.

Confederate veterans were dying of old age and their descendants wanted to honour them. The Democrats ruled the Southern states that permitted slavery and ruled the Southern states after the Civil War that permitted segregation and discrimination against blacks. "And they did it with abandon".

To be sure, there are good reasons to take down the monuments, which many see as symbols of white supremacy. It was sculpted by Moses Jacob Ezekiel, a former Confederate soldier and a prominent sculptor of his time.

Several cities have taken down their monuments over the past week.

White nationalist demonstrators walk through town after their rally was declared illegal near Lee Park in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017.

Only 27 percent said they should be removed, and 11 percent said they were unsure.

McCallister said all veterans - Confederate or not - deserve respect. This stoked a fight within SC whether it should pull down a Confederate flag that had historically flown at the state capitol for years now.

But to other artists, like Adam Pendleton, the Confederate statues should not be equated with works of art. 'We should let everyone be able to honour their ancestors, their history, and where they came from, ' he said.